AFA Soccer provides summer soccer camps for all kids between the ages of 7-17 years old. Our camp players range from recreation to travel, and each camp is designed to stimulate each player in a fun and safe environment. AFA's camp coaches are professionally licensed and youth soccer specialists. During the camp, the kids will work on their ball skills, passing, shooting, moves/turns, and teamwork through AFA’s player development curriculum. The camp goes beyond just soccer; the players build leadership, character, passion, respect, and commitment. AFA's summer camp culture is unique, and kids build friendships that could last a lifetime.

AFA director Toti Bottiglieri will supervise the summer camps to ensure quality training and a fun and safe environment for all. 


"I'm so lucky to have found Coach Toti. He knows how to build a solid staff, his teams, and instill individual thinking and personal growth in the boys. He is a great mentor for my son and the team. He built our team from the ground up into a winning team, but more importantly for me is the life lessons he provides. My son is in good hands." Lee Sobel

AFA SUMMER CAMP aims to develop each player’s technical, physical, and tactical abilities to reach their potential regardless of skill level. Each day in the camp, the participant will learn to enhance their strengths while learning to develop different aspects of their game. The campers will play skill games and challenges designed to provide them with a deeper understanding of all roles and positions. Experienced soccer players will also practice strategies with different game modules aimed to fulfill their potential. 


"We’ve run the Gamut of soccer programs in the area, and there are lots of solid programs. This has been the best fit for us- Quality coaching and instruction with the convenience of a local club. AFA teaches the kids not only soccer skills, but sportsmanship, mental toughness, hard work, leadership, competitiveness and teamwork." W Moz


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